Are you a user experience librarian or a librarian interested in user experience looking for an online community where you can share ideas, discuss strategy, or just connect?

So are we! That’s why we created this site.

We know there are other great avenues for the library UX community already. You can read the fabulous Weave UX journal (for free! Yay open source!). You can attend the fabulous UXLibs or Designing for Digital conferences. You can connect on Twitter with the fabulous hashtags #uxlibs and #libux. And you can join the fabulous LibUX Slack channel (link to come).

But Weave isn't interactive and conferences are infrequent, Twitter can be hard on the head and the heart, and not everyone is on Slack. So we thought we'd try to build something that would be friendly to both frequent and infrequent users. We're definitely at the prototype stage and there are a lot of iterations in our future.

Welcome! Please contribute! Help make the Library UX Community fabulous too.

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